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Esperanza Elementary

Our School

Located in the heart of the historic Westlake neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles, Esperanza Elementary School serves more than 800 students ranging from pre-Kindergarten to fifth grade. The school has come to life with a variety of programs and partnerships, making it a place students want to be. In fact, in the 2014-15 school year Esperanza had the second highest attendance in all of the local district--and is ranked #19 for all of LAUSD!

The school's faculty is committed to collegiality and collaboration. This sense of unity and teamwork serves as an example for our students, who find themselves collaborating more than ever.

Community partners are important to Esperanza. Colburn School of Music, Los Angeles Audubon Society, Reading to Kids, and Dream A World Education are making a difference in the lives of children on this campus.

The Esperanza Elementary School community--including its enthusiastic parents--will continue to make this school shine in every way.